Shea Butter

Shea Butter is rich in vitamin A that helps in the regeneration process and helps provide better-finished aftercare for your tattoos. Shea Butter also consists of high Vitamin C and E levels, which are potent antioxidants for the skin and help prevent the skin from drying up and scarring.

Shea Butter includes significant properties necessary for protecting your skin, moisturizing, healing wounds, and shielding the skin from UV rays. 

When you apply this lubricating and moisturizing fatty acid, the tattoo will end up being less scaly and will heal much faster and better. 

Shea Butter, as a moisturizing ingredient, penetrates deep into the skin, but a thin layer remains on the skin surface to keep your tattoo protected even after using VI Tattoo Soap. It also comes with the additional functionality of assisting  the prevention of infection on the skin.