Our Story

3 Bars Above the Rest 

Inspired by a true story and love of tattoos, by our founder Colby. It all started in New Braunfels, TX in 2004 after Colby's first tattoo. Green on knowledge about tattoos in general, much less the aftercare. After his first tattoo session, he was handed an aftercare packet consisting of

  • Tattoo Healing Guide Pamphlet
  • Ointment
  • Bar of Unscented Soap

Colby followed the instructions unsure of what to expect day to day. The ointment worked fine and the tattoo was healing nicely but the bar soap left much to be desired. His skin felt dryer after using the soap and the tattooed area did not feel like it was protected after the wash. 

Colby thought there has to be a better soap than this out there. He scoured the internet and local markets for any alternatives. All he found was unscented soaps filled with harsh chemicals and dyes, nothing to fill him with the confidence that this soap is made for tattoos and would be safe and beneficial to use. 

This sparked his desire to make his own soap specifically designed for tattoos. A Bar Soap that would give Tattoo Collectors of all experience levels the confidence that they are using a safe, natural product purposely designed for tattoo aftercare. No guessing, no uncertainty, no harsh chemicals, all natural ingredients.

VI Tattoo Soap was born. We've spent years meticulously crafting our bar soaps to provide the best aftercare experience available. Our learning here is never done, we will always seek to improve on every aspect of our business to provide the best products and service possible.


Founder-Colby Colquitt
Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our products for all your current and future tattoos. 

Colby Colquitt | Founder