Inked Beginnings: Colby's Tattoo Aftercare Love Story

3 Bars Above the Rest 



 Alright, brace yourselves for a tale that's as epic as a superhero blockbuster, starring none other than our founder and tattoo guru extraordinaire, Colby. Picture this: New Braunfels, Texas 2004 - the land of big hats and even bigger dreams and the year when flip phones were still a thing and MySpace ruled the internet.

So, after his inaugural tattoo session, he's handed a bundle of aftercare goodies - you know, the essentials. There's a Tattoo Healing Guide Pamphlet, some mysterious pretroleum based ointment and a bar of unscented chalky vibing soap. 

Now, Colby being the adventurous soul he is, dives into the aftercare routine like a champ. Ointment? Check. Tattoo looking good? Double check. But here comes the plot twist: that bar soap wasn't playing nice. His skin went all Sahara desert mode, and the tattoo? It felt like it was out there on its own after a scrub-down.

Cue the "there has to be a better way" moment. Colby hit the interwebs and the local scene like a detective in pursuit of the truth. But guess what he found? Soap options that looked more like science experiments, filled with stuff you wouldn't even dare put on your least favorite cousin's face.

And that's when the lightning bolt of genius struck - why not make his own soap? A bar soap that's a match made in heaven for tattoos, designed to make every ink addict feel like they're handling their art with velvet gloves. No more guessing games, no harsh chemicals, just pure, natural goodness.

Boom, VI Tattoo Soap was born! It's like the Mona Lisa of tattoo soaps, carefully crafted over the years to give you the royal treatment. But hey, the learning never stops! We're like the eternal students of the tattoo aftercare game, constantly cooking up ways to make your inked journey smoother than a jazz tune. So stick around, fellow tattoo aficionados – we're here to bring your ink to life like the star it deserves to be!

So there you have it, from Colby's first ink to VI Tattoo Soap - a saga fueled by passion, love for ink, and the quest for the ultimate aftercare. You're welcome, world. 🛁🎨🌟

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our products for all your current and future tattoos. 

Colby Colquitt | Founder