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Love the Hemp bar! I noticed my aftercare lotion went on way smoother after washing with the hemp infused bar soap.

Jason T.
Kingwood, TX

The Hemp Infused bar really made a difference on the irritation.

Zeke F.
Encino, CA

I use this stuff as my everyday wash now. Cleans great and is very mild.

Scarlet K.
Dallas, TX

So much better than standard soap on my ink. Soothing and is so gentle on my damaged skin,

Cedar Rapids, IA

Wow! The feel of this smooth bar against my fresh ink. So mild with a great lather.

Sam P.
Eugene, OR
Made of sustainable bamboo, 100% compostable material.

Keeps your soap clean and dry while extending the life of the bar.

made with natural ingredients

no harsh chemicals

Irritating the skin with other harsh cleansers can fade tattoo colors and create itchy dry skin that further irritates. VI Tattoo Soap is composed of natural ingredients specifically formulated to support and enhance your tattoo.